piątek, 22 października 2010

IF Racing

I don't really like use already made illustration for IF but this one from BOOK(click click) I illustrated fit perfect, doesn't?

anyway It was really fun book to illustrate - this publishing house is amazing and run by really nice, creative people, with great positive energy
they have so many cute and cool stuff on their web page - check for example Poco's blog :)
AND!! few weeks ago I finished illo for second story about this crazy dogs and there will be third also!!!

niedziela, 10 października 2010


This year i had a privilege to work on amazing music project for kids NIE WIEM KTO (which means: I don't know who)
Great music is supported by art and I'm proud to say that I made all 2D illustration and give ideas for 3D characters
With typography created by Studio Sojuz I think it looks good :)

Premiere of the record took place a few days ago. It's reeeealy nice publish - looks like small book with hard cover (yeey my first hard cover :)and there's some stickers inside!!

Project's web page is still builded but already you can see there some funny staff and listen to the music
Is easy to navigate even if you don't know the language ;)

NIEW WIEM KTO web page --click

and what can I say this story doesn't end now - it will be more :) there's lots of materials fora page already done and now I creating handmade collection related to this project!
so stay tuned

sobota, 4 września 2010

Amy wants to fly

In a meanwhile I've done little picture book with Ben Owen. I think that it turned nice, didn't it?

you can by it at HERE

środa, 25 sierpnia 2010

Uuuuu it's been a while....what can I say - I have some excuses but quite boring :)
anyway I made (when did this happened! I have no idea when could I do this I was soooooo overworked!) some toys for awesome plush show :D
I so regret that I couldn't go there instead(or with) my toys...I hope next year :)
(and thanks that you are still around even if I'm neglecting blogging so much!)

8.26.10 – 9.19.10
Opening Reception: Thurs, August 26th 7-10pm
Munky King Melrose

An exhibition of 65 of the "best of the best" plush artists from around the globe curated by Kristen Rask of Schmancy Toys in Seattle.

niedziela, 23 maja 2010

IF : early (reggae)

my first and main association with word early is music genre - early reggae - music I love. So since i don't have time for doing new one ;( I show poster made for some party with this music...

and some nice early reggae for you

niedziela, 11 kwietnia 2010

środa, 7 kwietnia 2010

12 week challenge...

I've just found THIS and since I have a little more time now I will try my best to get through this!

Very fist topic is actually one of my biggest concerns and really not easy to answer!

What do you want to illustrate?

or maybe in my case : what do you want to DO - cause I'm not really sure if illustrating is enough for me
To many idea and (hahaha i soo humble :P) skills
But one is clear for me - i can't live without illustrating so let's focus on this side of my life.

After few different type of job experience I have some conclusion
1) I really don't like when my ideas are absolutely changed and I have nothing to say about it
I guess I don't wanna be only part of big project even if it's well paid
2)Books - yes it was always my big dream to illustrate books - I think that is the most awesome way to show illustrations! and also my style fit to this, doesn't it?
But I try for long time (ok in my opinion long time - maybe I'm not so patient) get commissions for book and hmm ALMOST no respond
BUT! maybe my main problem was that I had been thinking only about Polish publishing market
About weeks ago I've finished book for English publishing house - there was no difficulties while our cooperation :)

so maybe books should be my main goal???
And maybe in a meanwhile I should do y own books with my made p characters and then try to publish somewhere...

to be continued ...probably ;)

wtorek, 6 kwietnia 2010


it's been a while since last time I made some illustration JUST for fun and now I remind myself that it's not ONLY my job :)

wtorek, 23 lutego 2010

in a meanwhile...

I do a lot of illustration lately but I cant show you - there are for books and for some special project so you know - I just can't
and it will be a while since it will be ready and published so prepare for seeing only my craft side :)

poniedziałek, 11 stycznia 2010

oh my!!!I'm a bit overworked (that's why I've been neglecting my blog lately ugh:/)but soooooo excited! this January is surprising me more and more :)
wish me luck with all my project and for you some another monster made for Bigger Boss parties poster