poniedziałek, 19 sierpnia 2013

Facebook giveaway

arrr! first 500 likes on my facebook fan page (click click click)
I'm ridiculously happy about it so I wanna give away one of my original artwork - just share ANY of my illustrations on your FB wall, starting now till Wednesday so you can win this one shown abowe. This is acrylic paint on paper size A4, I'll sent it to one randomly chosen person to any place. Why this one? is second most popular and I still owe this - simple as that. (and as a bonus me doing stupid face:)

poniedziałek, 5 sierpnia 2013

IF Hybrid

In my cold country there's saying "better is the enemy of good" which basically means be happy with what you got as in process of improving there's chance you will loose it so is better not to risk...
STRONGLY DISAGREE!!! every great thing you can make even better - stop think and dream small :)