środa, 25 sierpnia 2010

Uuuuu it's been a while....what can I say - I have some excuses but quite boring :)
anyway I made (when did this happened! I have no idea when could I do this I was soooooo overworked!) some toys for awesome plush show :D
I so regret that I couldn't go there instead(or with) my toys...I hope next year :)
(and thanks that you are still around even if I'm neglecting blogging so much!)

8.26.10 – 9.19.10
Opening Reception: Thurs, August 26th 7-10pm
Munky King Melrose

An exhibition of 65 of the "best of the best" plush artists from around the globe curated by Kristen Rask of Schmancy Toys in Seattle.

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sanka pisze...

Gratuluję wystawy:))
Potworzaki cudne :)