sobota, 26 września 2009

Party! ( vote for me please :)

my newest idea - monsters in disguise...
they try to look cute but trust me! they aren't!
if you like it please vote here :
then maybe someone would buy laptop skin with this picture....

sobota, 19 września 2009

New Gallery

terrible picture :/ I'm not so good in this ;(
Few days ago I've started cooperation with new net gallery - GALERIA FIUFIU (new for me but also quite new generally). I have to said that now I'm in handmade mood :)
to be honest lately i started many new thing...I will write about this hmm... soon ;)

środa, 9 września 2009


I know it's not my typical illustration for IF but now i working on my collection of stock illustrations and this topic helped me start new series :)
i quite satisfy with this character. I'm not very good with drawing people so hm i have to stop avoiding this and try, try and try