sobota, 31 grudnia 2011


Seems like a time to make some New Year's resolutions:)

I've been thinking about my goals and wishes for 2012 for a while end my conclusion are

1)I'll be taking more care about promotional staff, while drawing and painting is what I love to do the most I need to remember that Illustration is my job as well and marketing is a important part of this. I will try to make it fun:)
For sure I need to be more(haha little to say)systematic with blog update and same with the other sites where I'm showing my work.

2)I'll developing my illustrator's skills - especially I want focus more on compositions, experiment more with colours, typography

3)I'll create many nice new designs for zazzle stores.

and some new year related illustrations I made for illustration rally this September (but never shown because I'm lousy blogger - you know now what I meant)but it's not my resolution for 2012

Great, full of love and creativity 2012 to all of you:)

czwartek, 29 grudnia 2011


Time to sum up...
This time I can't say - "oh is really end of the year again? so soon?"
in contrary last January seems like a ages ago, and when I was collecting materials for this note, looking through my files I was wondering "oh really it happened this year?,only 7 month ago?" wow that's something new and I feel like I'm in different time line than most of my friends who always complain that everything happens too fast.
This year was definitely different - in April we moved from Poland to Barcelona,Spain. Although we've been there several times many things surprised us (or even shocked :)in both positive and unfortunately negative way. In short our everyday life is way more colorful and magic now.
I try to figure out how that change reflect on me and my creativity - no simply answers yet. I was doing quite the same like last year:

*illustrated 4 picture book and several covers for audio books
*got 4 books + 6 audio book's cover published

*done few test sample - some of them brought me great projects I'm working on now or I'll be soon (and some of them didn't)

*other big thing is that my husband after closing his shop in Warsaw has a time to take care of my zazzle shop and we open together another one - thanks to his dedication it's really working:)

so not bad...