wtorek, 24 lutego 2009


hm,...life's easy when you are zombie, isn't? You just have to follow your INSTINCT , then you'll find some fresh brain - it's all you need :)
idea by my husband (like very often) and it;s my first but for sure not last zombie pick.

środa, 18 lutego 2009


Uncle Banana, reckless sailor long time ago left his town to go around the world...
Not everybody from his town have believed in this idea then, but now, when he return, all vegetables and fruits CELERATE this moment
They are very proud of him including jealous apple and paranoid potatoes :)

wtorek, 17 lutego 2009

b like ballet buffalo

it's second image from my new idea - not very original but great way to draw exercise - animal alphabet
hm what else?i still fighting with my new portfolio site but now I See the end...:)

wtorek, 10 lutego 2009

Illustration Friday TIME

TIME...time is precious, in my country we say that time is money but most of us don't remember about it...
I'm regular girl and waste lot of time, but in the morning I celebrate and joy every single minute...in bed - and really everyday i say to my husband - oh just 5 minutes more ( and it's doesn't matter that I have to get up or I don't:)

wtorek, 3 lutego 2009


portfolio crew

I'm working on my new portfolio site ( i just need new one, my illustrations are now much better and i don't want to somebody look on my old portfolio - site and say "aaah I saw this before, nothing interesting)my problem is that i really want cool and find all my works not good enough :(