wtorek, 24 marca 2009


Just a little experiment....not my style but I have needed something different
monster is a toy, made by my hands :)
do you like this? or maybe should I forget about experiments ?

środa, 11 marca 2009

IF - Intricate

My first thought wen i saw this week topic was about my last gym. Almost regularly i meet with my friend and we try to exercise :D to by slim and beauty ;P
Last time I brought some DVD with yoga training and what can I say...it was intricate for us - just like for Milena - character from book which I working (or maybe rather thinking about ;) on with my another friend
btw I was thinking about her english name - in polish ,,ośmiornica Milena" sound nice but octopus Milena sound strange, doesn't?
any ideas?

wtorek, 10 marca 2009

monster - cover

Eh my another neglected passion...monsters making :)
maybe now it's the right time to come back to this?
phone cover made for special order

poniedziałek, 2 marca 2009