środa, 7 kwietnia 2010

12 week challenge...

I've just found THIS and since I have a little more time now I will try my best to get through this!

Very fist topic is actually one of my biggest concerns and really not easy to answer!

What do you want to illustrate?

or maybe in my case : what do you want to DO - cause I'm not really sure if illustrating is enough for me
To many idea and (hahaha i soo humble :P) skills
But one is clear for me - i can't live without illustrating so let's focus on this side of my life.

After few different type of job experience I have some conclusion
1) I really don't like when my ideas are absolutely changed and I have nothing to say about it
I guess I don't wanna be only part of big project even if it's well paid
2)Books - yes it was always my big dream to illustrate books - I think that is the most awesome way to show illustrations! and also my style fit to this, doesn't it?
But I try for long time (ok in my opinion long time - maybe I'm not so patient) get commissions for book and hmm ALMOST no respond
BUT! maybe my main problem was that I had been thinking only about Polish publishing market
About weeks ago I've finished book for English publishing house - there was no difficulties while our cooperation :)

so maybe books should be my main goal???
And maybe in a meanwhile I should do y own books with my made p characters and then try to publish somewhere...

to be continued ...probably ;)

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