piątek, 11 października 2013

IF Moustache

oh my that's topic just for me! I adore to draw moustache on hmmm everything! as I'm still crazy busy and as much as I'd love to draw something new I just will not able to make time for it:( but here's one of illo I made some time ago.

piątek, 27 września 2013


I'm not very found of idea submitting old illustrations
but when I saw this week topic it struck me - wow! I once illustrated whole book about onomatopoeias!
This one is about catching the flue and sounds you make when you're sick - so now you will now how to do this in Polish ;)

niedziela, 1 września 2013

September wallpaper

For kick start new month (one of my favorites btw) some wallpaper - size 1600x1200 easy to fit to any screen. Have a great, sexy September! :)

poniedziałek, 19 sierpnia 2013

Facebook giveaway

arrr! first 500 likes on my facebook fan page (click click click)
I'm ridiculously happy about it so I wanna give away one of my original artwork - just share ANY of my illustrations on your FB wall, starting now till Wednesday so you can win this one shown abowe. This is acrylic paint on paper size A4, I'll sent it to one randomly chosen person to any place. Why this one? is second most popular and I still owe this - simple as that. (and as a bonus me doing stupid face:)

poniedziałek, 5 sierpnia 2013

IF Hybrid

In my cold country there's saying "better is the enemy of good" which basically means be happy with what you got as in process of improving there's chance you will loose it so is better not to risk...
STRONGLY DISAGREE!!! every great thing you can make even better - stop think and dream small :)

czwartek, 11 lipca 2013

New book:)

Some poem book I've illustrated is now released! (yay! and it has hard cover:) It's published by De Agostini  Poland as a part of quite big series - this one with my pictures is 48th.
It was fun to work on that, I really love the author - super talented Agnieszka Frączek.
cover (design is not mine)


środa, 26 czerwca 2013

The Three Piggy Opera app

Few days ago one of best projects I had a honor to illustrate was released! The Three Piggy Opera app for Ipad is now available on itunes! I'm absolutelly sure that everyone gonna love this application - it's based on well known classical compositions like "Für Elise" but with hilarious and smart lyrics written by Virginia Stewart - founder of Once Upon an Opera and sang by super talented kids. From my part I had a fantastic time working on those illustrations. I love everything about process starting with listening cute, super funny songs (I could listen to this over and over), to drawing all those twisted characters and what's also important Virginia is a great person to cooperate with - that's priceless:) App is available here - I strongly recommend, this would be $3.99 really well spent.
My favorite scene - I can easily relate with Wolf as I'm allergic to some plants as well.
Outside smartest pig's house.
Opera scene - try to guess who's who ;)
I had great fun drawing court jury 

środa, 8 maja 2013

How to work and travel

Freelancer life ain't easy (usually) but it has some charms :) i.e makes you're location independent which basically means you can live EVERYWHERE or even travel all the time (which I started to do and planning to keep doing for a while)

so this is how I work those days - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Ok - I really don't need much to make working space for myself. Table and chair are cool but I can menage without them (my leg makes great table apparently)

that facial expression of my is just "heeey stop taking pictures of me" I've been truly enjoying myself at that moment
Bungalows works way better for me than regular hotel room as give me space to work outdoor which I LOVE - sitting outside all-day-long that's my dream working condition ah...
Problem is that this type of accommodation is not available everywhere, you can't have this cute own house in big city - that's a shame I can imagine me living in some wooden hut in the middle of Kuala Lumpur ;)

and other bungalow's terrace - more fancy(for same price:) thanks to Tytus' bargaining super skills

niedziela, 14 kwietnia 2013

UPDATE!! New Year, new page, new blog


While my new portfolio page works pretty good for me this integrated blog doesn't...
So I'm keeping this old one and try to take more care of it :)


Yesterday whole Thailand (where I currently stay) celebrated Songkran - Thai New Year. This is actually 3rd new year I participated after this December/January one Chinese one.  This day (and in some places in Thailand next few days) everyone join big water fight (well, I would say huge with anonymous amount of water)  on the streets to wash away all dirt of past year. Or just have fun:)
What a great occasion to start something over​! Let's say...blog? and fact that my brand new page has integrated blog makes it even better.
So long my dear old often neglected blog and hello to NEW ONE :)
and happy New Year​!

czwartek, 21 marca 2013

Mum and daughter moment Dia de los Muertos

I recently joined Society 6 - what a great page with tones of awesome illustrations it that! Today i put there on of my newest personal work - for some reason despite of current surrounding I'm in a mood for painting everything connected with Mexican Day of the dead...hmm maybe in Latin America I'll painting Asian's themed illos ;)

czwartek, 14 marca 2013

IF Yesterday

The oldest object I own is my younger brother's teddy bear - is about 22 years old now! Bok (teddy bear) didn't really grow bigger and looks...well...like someone was hugging him a lot (truth) but still is ultra cute.
Do you have some of your childhood's toy?

poniedziałek, 4 marca 2013

China town - new illustration+ some inspirations

I'm TOTALLY in love with Chinese districts decorated for holiday season. Lucky for me decoration are hanging for some weeks before and after Lunar New Year and in Singapore as well as in Malaysia you can see them almost everywhere. I just can't wait to see how it looks in other countries with big Chinese communities and of course in China:) - that could be a plan for next year...

środa, 20 lutego 2013

new work and giveaway

Finally(after all this years;) I'm working on new promo pices. It's really about time to refresh my portfolio...

and! there's giveaway on Madame Colonelle Zazzle store!

Do You want some fancy t-shirt or awesome mousepad from absolutely FREE? All You must do is to SHARE this post and LIKE our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MadameColonelleZazzle . One of those who will do it before the end of this week (midnight ECT 24.02.2013), we will draw lucky winner for 25$ gift certificate for products from our Zazzle Stores.

środa, 6 lutego 2013

IF wheel

Mirka knew that she was different than other mermaids - she didn't look like a super model but hey! she got bike, her own 2 wheels and that was more interesting:)