środa, 8 maja 2013

How to work and travel

Freelancer life ain't easy (usually) but it has some charms :) i.e makes you're location independent which basically means you can live EVERYWHERE or even travel all the time (which I started to do and planning to keep doing for a while)

so this is how I work those days - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Ok - I really don't need much to make working space for myself. Table and chair are cool but I can menage without them (my leg makes great table apparently)

that facial expression of my is just "heeey stop taking pictures of me" I've been truly enjoying myself at that moment
Bungalows works way better for me than regular hotel room as give me space to work outdoor which I LOVE - sitting outside all-day-long that's my dream working condition ah...
Problem is that this type of accommodation is not available everywhere, you can't have this cute own house in big city - that's a shame I can imagine me living in some wooden hut in the middle of Kuala Lumpur ;)

and other bungalow's terrace - more fancy(for same price:) thanks to Tytus' bargaining super skills

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mia_mi pisze...

O rety! ale Ci dobrze!

Printed T-shirts pisze...

hey how are you. One thing I must say your skirt and tattoos looks amazing on you.