środa, 23 stycznia 2013

new conditions

As I wrote there are some changes (I love changes) - after super busy year my husband and I decided there's right time to pack our backpacks and go for long trip. For many reason Asia seemed to be best choice. First idea was to go just for some holiday (maybe a bit extensive) but it quickly evolved so we booked only one way tickets and decided to travel as long as we like but work a little during this time.
For Tytus it was easy peasy - he just need his TINY(comparing to mine) computer and that's it.
For me well...I was struggling with question if am I able to stop painting for let's say 5 month and stick only to computer created art? and my final answer is big fat NO, I'm NO.
It became obvious that I must take all my paints and other stuff with me.
We're still on very beginning of our adventure (right now in Elle, Sri Lanka) and so far I can say that it was the best choice ever! (both - going to Asia and taking work stuff) How it gonna end up - we'll see:)

 In Istanbul where we stopped just for one day and it was rainy and cold then.
 I've never been those kind of person who goes out to do some work - ok I tried as I thought that it might but I was easy distract so I left place like coffee shops just for meeting friends (and drinking awesome coffee;)
So I need to learn how to work in public space.

 In some hotel rooms I can arrange pretty sweet work space:) here in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

oh and if you're interested I'll be putting some pictures from Asia on my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/colonelle/

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