czwartek, 12 stycznia 2012

Katie and the Giant Problem

This book is a proof that you can make your dreams come true in the best style and self publishing may be as good option as working with big publishing house.

So here you have warm story about brave little Katie illustrated by your truly and written by Richard Parr - designer and Katie's dad. Working with him was great pleasure and I'm really happy with result!

Book will be available to buy Feb 10th. And anyone interested in reserving a copy can contact me at:

let's have look :

hard cover with dust jacket (oh my! hard cover and dust jacket)

some inside pages

adventure and magic starts at here

oh and my very favorite part of picture books in generally(space between last page and cover-I can't name it in any language)- sometimes awfully neglected not this time:)

And one more treat - this gonna be a series, I'll start work on illustration for second one very soon (excited!) and last but not least the Giant Problem will be also turn into app! so stay tuned:)

*pictures made by Richard Parr

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Ale super! gratulacje :D