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Few months ago I was asked to make some sample illustration for one of Penguin books imprints - is common way to pick illustrator for bigger project like in this case picture book - publisher ask few persons for sample and then makes decision. From one hand it can be frustrating - you can loose competition wit other artist, not always better but wit i.e dramatically different style. You work hard and very rarely you are paid for this sample and in my case this kind of propositions come usually in really wrong moment(when I'm overworked alreaddy or when I'm moving to other country yes this one I wrote about I done few days before big move;)
Firs of all I can't see how can I refuse to do this when I'm asked (ok project must be interesting or/and payed well enough:)Even if commissioner has my portfolio and can imagine what I'm capable of there's still much advantage of doing this through. It's obvious that doing this I try do my best and even more, usually every new pieces is a tiny bit better than oldies and since I don't update my portfolio that often it shows that what I really can in this particular moment (yes 2-3 month when you draw/paint nearly every day is a long time and increase of skills is noticeable)
Than next thing - I can show how nice is to work with me :) how cooperative I am etc.
So it's for client but what it gives me?(oh I'm so selfish;)Except for training and good one for portfolio it's good occasion for developing new type of character or environment - in this case I finally create nice(IMHO) lion and tiger characters and learned how to paint jungle plants. Like I said I really try makes this as good as I could so now i can(and I do!) use this experience in other illustrations...Lion, tiger and jungle - basic stuff in children illustrator portfolio:)so I didn't get a job but I don't consider this as an failure at all!

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