wtorek, 24 maja 2011

Noah the Boa

One of my newest book is already out!(but not in book's shop yet
You can order directly from the author through THIS SITE I have so much fun doing this so I hope kids will have fun looking at my illo ...
Few days ago I find one of book from my childhood Happy Birthday, moon by Frank Asch in some bookstore - it was translated to Spanish :)and hey! maybe now I don't find it very attractive but about 24(?) it was one of my beloved book (what a pity it was borrowed from some library and what a pity I didn't really start to learn english when my parents want me to start :)
anyway my point is that I wonder if one of my book will be someday important to anybody

2 komentarze:

Amy C pisze...

huge congrats it looks like a lovely book!

Amber pisze...

Wow! I'm loving your work, it's amazing! How long does it take to do a book, say about 30 pages?