środa, 26 sierpnia 2009

vectors vs me

from time to time i try to do something with vectors...It's in this moment a bit difficult for me...
I work with adobe illustrator and ok- it's rather easy soft but problem is i have to find my own style
I really love vector art even this simply design like Bored inc. - but not my! there's something missing :/
but! i don't give up some day will be better hm?
this little sorry guy was made for some little contest (If you are bored you can vote :) LOOK HERE , but i had to change it a little because gradient was forbidden.

1 komentarz:

Angie Chan pisze...

I think your painterly style is lovely! Good work with the vector robot too!

Are your images digitally painted? I would love to be able to create softer pictures one day.

Thanks for your kind comment and also the link back to my website :)